MindSphere Maintenance and Status Information

AWS, Azure and ALIBABA CF1.34 Release Monday 15th November 2021 09:00:00

We are pleased to inform you that we successfully updated Cloud Foundry Staging CF1.34 Release and we want to deploy the update into the productive environments (CF-Azure , CF-AWS and CF-ALI) . In order to keep the platforms secure and reliable, we require a maintenance window:

AWS Prod (eu1): 15/Nov/21 (~ 3 days ) Alibaba Prod (cn1): 15/Nov/21 (~ 3 days ) Azure Prod (eu2): 22/Nov/21 (~ 3 days ) This maintenance process will not have an impact on any of the Cloud Foundry and Mindsphere functionalities. However there can be a partial downtime for a very short period of time due to service restart.


Mindsphere Team