MindSphere Maintenance and Status Information

Scheduled Maintenance With SERVICE DOWNTIME - Manage MyMachines & Manage MyMachines /Remote Thursday 4th August 2022 02:00:00

Dear customer, We are pleased to inform you that we will be releasing important updates to our applications Manage MyMachines and Manage MyMachines /Remote. In order to provide you with the latest features and resolutions, we require a maintenance

Date: 2022-08-04

Time: 02:00 UTC- 07:00 UTC

Within this downtime range the applications and SINUMERIK connectivity may be temporarily unavailable. In case of any questions please get in touch with your respective Siemens contact or customer support.

“We are facing some platform issues while updating Manage MyMachines and Manage MyMachines /Remote. This leads to extended downtime. We will inform you as soon as the issues are solved and everything works as expected. Sorry for any inconvenience.”